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Helping the deacon community become a driving force for mission...

The goal of the Deacon Mission Partners Program is to encourage and support deacons and wives to become a driving force for mission from their parishes to their dioceses to far corners of the world.

Through their ministries of Proclamation of the Word, Charity and Justice and Liturgical Service, deacons play a unique role in helping all Catholics live out their own baptismal call to participate in the mission of Jesus. Likewise, the diaconal wife, whether in accompanying her husband or through her own ministries, witnesses the rich opportunities to engage in mission. And, as a married couple, their public witness of the sacramental nature of marriage witnesses that God's mission of love begins within each person and radiates out from our most intimate relationships to our relationships with all, especially those we consider the "other."

There are a number of ways for men and women of the diaconate to participate in the Maryknoll's diaconal community of missionary disciples (Deacon Mission Partners):

Deacon Mission Partner: You become a Partner by signing up here. Partners receive opportunities for on-going formation, mission immersion trips and mission education resources to help them grow in the missionary call that they received through baptism; and moreover, as part of a diaconal community to promote and encourage mission in the own parish and diocesan ministries. Read more... Partners are also encouraged to join or form a local diaconal community of missionary disciples for ongoing support.

Team Members: Partners who participate in Maryknoll's Mission Education Training Program (and hopefully also a mission immersion trip) can become a part of a team of trained deacons and wives who offer mission promotion retreats and workshops for parishes and dioceses and organize and lead mission immersion trips. Maryknoll provides training and administrative support for the teams.

Core Team Members: The Maryknoll Deacon Partners Community was developed over the years by a group of deacons and wives who were committed to helping other deacons and wives grown in their missionary call. This Core Team structure continues with a group of Team Members who are committed to serve the Maryknoll Deacon Partners Community by providing leadership and guidance.

Formal Deacon Mission Promoters: While some members of the Core Team serve on an informal basis, others have a more formal relationship with Maryknoll. Through an agreement between the deacon, Maryknoll, and the deacon's bishop, the deacon is assigned to ministry with Maryknoll as a Mission Promoter. Generally, the deacon volunteers his time and Maryknoll provides formation, supervision and covers all related expenses. For more information contact Deacon Matt Dulka.

Following in the footsteps of Philip, the Deacon:

St. Philip the Deacon,

pray for us to be worthy

servants of the Gospel.

May the Holy Spirit fill us

with the same passion you had

to continue the mission of Jesus

by crossing borders to bring the

Good News of God's love to all.

The deacon and wife are accessible and credible examples in their own communities of how God's invitation to participate in mission often involves crossing borders and encountering God in the person who seems to be a stranger, but through relationship, we learn is none other than Jesus.


Where do Deacon Mission Partners do mission?

We become missionary disciples through baptism. (See Evangelii Gaudium 120.) So for most people, the majority of the missionary work of sharing the Good News of God's love will happen within a 50 mile radius of their home. For most of the men and women of the diaconate, this will also be true, but with the added ministry of helping others come to realize their own baptismal call to mission and the importance of crossing borders, not just geographic, but also cultural, ethnic, economic, social, etc . Nonetheless, some Deacon Mission Partners will be called to mission beyond their neighborhood borders, including international short term mission.