Membership Benefits

Deacon Mission Partners Membership...

As a member of our mission team we are happy provide you with resources and support to help you better connect your diaconal ministry with the mission of Jesus.

What is the connection between a diocesan deacon ministering in a Connecticut prison and a Maryknoll lay missioner ministering in a Peruvan prison? Or a deacon couple serving food in a Chicago soup kitchen and a Maryknoll priest setting up a food distribution program in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya? Or a Florida deacon couple involved in parish neighborhood outreach and the efforts of Jamaican deacon couples doing evangelization in the slums of Montego Bay? Or an Oakland deacon couple working for peace and justice with JustFaith groups and Maryknoll missioners advocating for people who live and work in the dumps of Bolivia?

Through formation, immersion and building relationships, the Deacon Mission Partners Programs strives to connect deacons and wives in the U.S. with the experience of the Maryknoll missioners worldwide in order to mutually support and enrich each other's ministry to carry on the mission of Jesus from our home neighborhoods to the far reaches of the world.

As with any partnership there are mutual responsibilities and commitments.

The benefits you receive as a Maryknoll Deacon Mission Partner:

Your responsibilities of being a Maryknoll Deacon Mission Partner

  • Access to over 100 years of mission experience from the Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers to enrich your own efforts to evangelize.
  • You will receive the award winning Maryknoll Magazine (English) or Revista (Spanish) six times a year.
  • You will receive the quarterly Deacon Mission Partners Newsletter by email. The newsletter provides articles on deacons and their wives engaged in mission as well as resources for preaching and teaching on mission.
  • Through email, we will send you information about upcoming mission immersion opportunities specifically for deacons and wives to countries such as Guatemala, Jamaica, Cambodia, Tanzania, Kenya and Bolivia.
  • We will also send you information about upcoming mission education and formation opportunities to help you incorporate mission and global solidarity into your ministries.
  • As a member, you are also entitled to a discount of 40% for single copies of ORBIS books. You can review the ORBIS catalogue at However, to receive the discount you will need to call us at 1-800-258-5838 (Mon-Fri 8a-4p ET) and provide the code that you will receive when you join.
  • Finally you, your family and your ministry will be held in prayer by the Maryknoll family.
  • You will commit to becoming more aware of mission and the issues facing our brothers and sisters around the world and strive to make connections between your own ministry and the mission efforts of others, including the Maryknoll missionaries.
  • You will pray regularly for the mission efforts of the Church and particularly the Maryknoll Deacon Mission Partners Program.
  • You will consider participating in a mission immersion trip as your particular circumstances allow.
  • You will strive to become an advocate for mission and global solidarity in your own ministries of charity and justice and proclaiming the Word.
  • You incorporate mission and global solidarity into your preaching, teaching and ministry to help the faithful become more aware of their baptismal call to participate in the mission of Jesus.
  • You will financially support the program as your circumstances permit.